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Leather Care

  1. Leather succumbs easily to mould and mildew, which feed on the fibers of leather and make them vulnerable. Always store your leather products in cool, dry places.
  1. Reptile leather is especially delicate; it cannot withstand humidity (water, vapour, etc.) and extreme heat. Avoid prolonged exposure to strong light and do not expose the item to direct heat and fire.
  1. Leather is porous and needs to “breathe”. Therefore, do not store leather in plastic or air-tight containers. Store item in its original dust bag and after each use.
  1. Damp leather bags are best dried by stuffing absorbent tissue papers in them and leaving them to dry at room temperature. Do not apply intense heat upon damp leather as that may cause it to contract too quickly and crack.
  1. Only use recommended leather care products to maintain your item.
  1. Avoid contact with liquids especially oils, chemicals and solvents such as hand cream, perfumes and hairspray.
  1. If your item comes into accidental contact with liquids, remove the liquid immediately by dabbing the affected spot using a soft cloth.
  1. Avoid over filling the item to maintain its original shape.
  1. Minimize contact with sharp objects and rough surfaces as it may scratch or damage the item.