The art of craftmanship

Proudly handmade in Singapore, KWANPEN Crocodile leather handbags have always been associated with prestige and magnificent craftsmanship.

Every KWANPEN creation that bears the KWANPEN handmade logo is a stamp of assurance for impeccable quality and detail, representing the true distinction of a luxury creation.

Given the difficulty of working with crocodile leather, each of KWANPEN’s craftsmen are required to undergo a rigorous apprenticeship program. Apprentices study under the watchful tutelage of a Master Craftsman bearing over 20 years of experience, before they are allowed to work on the difficult leather.

Each KWANPEN handbag goes through a minimum of 30 man-hours to craft, highlighting the outstanding craftsmanship that surrounds every single creation emerging from the KWANPEN workshop. 

All KWANPEN metal hardware components are designed in-house and made only in Italy, ensuring a flawless fit to KWANPEN’s Handbags and Accessories.

Plated in either Gold or Palladium, the hardware components provide brilliant shine and durability to the leather creations.

All KWANPEN components are subjected to multiple durability testing processes and quality checks during production, in pursuit of the reliability and perfection that KWANPEN is known for.